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Let’s be the most “Hairy “ in  town .Be it you or your little ones !


Whole Blends Hair Food: A proven magic that stops hair fall in 2-4 weeks and growth is visible in 4-6 weeks. It is magical for dandruff, split-ends and also helps in grey hair reversing , equally good for chemically treated and dyed hair.

Whole Blends Hair Shampoo: The only shampoo in Pakistan with Biotin, Collagen & Keratin.Direct action on dormant hair follicles - Makes hair super thick, sleek & bouncy

Frizzy Palace Anti-Frizz Hair Smoothening Serum : This is an Anti Frizz Serum & is highly recommend along with hair food as well, as Frizzy Palace locks moisture inside and  really helps double the growth after the use of Whole Blends Hair Food. and not to mention that it gives a protective coating that helps fight all the external factor.

Baby Oil (Tip to Toe): With an extensive range of nutrients, essential oils & vitamins, enriched with Avocado, Jojoba and Pro-Vitamin B5 It sharpens the memory, makes bones strong with healthy skin & hair !Gently apply onto baby's hair and body massage using soft, circular motions. Leave for at least 2 hours & wash with baby shampoo/soap.

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