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This royalness with absolute SKINCARE ESSENTIALS  that includes :

Take My Day Off:  It is a Deep Pore Daily Cleanser that has a gentle, effective melt that takes away make-up (even waterproof mascara), and revitalizes your complexion in two minutes. 

Resurfacing Mask & Facial Scrub: A complete FACIAL TREATMENT that works magically on Skin Brightening & LighteningDe-Tanning/Reviving Sun DamagePigmentation/Two-Tone
,Dark Spots & Marks,Melasma/Freckles/Dark Circles,Wrinkles & Fine Lines ,Acne & Fungal Infections ,Open Pores /Skin Uplifting

Moisture Bomb: DOUBLE REPAIR SUPER INTENSE BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZE WITH SPF 40 It is the mixture of all my SECRET HYDRATION REMEDIES with world-class latest techniques involved in formulation. 

Whole Blends Skin Food: A complete ALL NIGHT CELLULAR REPAIR SYSTEM  that constantly repairs skin cells whole night and engraves skin with required Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Biotin, Collagen & Essential Oils.