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Due to the immense demand for the Hand Sanitizer, as well as in the interest of the environment we have created 500 ml (Family Packing ) of Hand Sanitizer.
The only Sanitizer in Pakistan with AMOSIL-Q .This ingredient not only tears bacteria but makes it stay away from the application area for 25-30 minutes (making it at least 3X more effective than regular sanitizers in the market ).
Along with 72% Alcohol, we have added Aloe Vera to keep your hands Moisturized .Our Sanitizer has Lemon Extracts in it to make it pleasantly Fragrant - perfect for you & your family .
HOW TO USE: Put 2-3 drops on hands and rub until hands are dry (takes 10 sec Approx.)
INGREDIENTS:AMOSIL-Q,72% Alcohol,Aloevera,Tea Tree Oil,Lemon Extracts
SKIN TYPES: All Skin Types