Hair Removal Soap (6220415533232)
Hair Removal Soap (6220415533232)

Hair Removal Soap

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Natural Hair Removing

Natural Hand Made Soap

Fairness & Moisturizing

(100% natural + homemade)

This beauty bar by Hair Energy is a painless hair removal option for women wanting a Glowing, Hair Free & Moisturized skin. It is ideal for use on hands, legs, underarms & V line. Ideal to be used by both women & men.
How to Use: Work to thick lather the soap and leave for 8-10 minutes (depending on the thickness of hair ) on the targeted area for hair removal. Massage in circular motion & simply wash the complete area with lukewarm water (don’t use any other soap for the next 12 hours on skin). Pat to dry & you will be left back with silky smooth hair free skin.Always apply Aloevera Gel after using it to keep skin moisturized.
DISCLAIMER: Not to be used for facial hair removal.
Always do a Patch-Test before applying any new product to avoid any allergic reactions. Do not use in case of any reaction

Always apply Aloe Vera Gel after using it to keep skin moisturized. Minor itching or redness after usage hair removing products is normal .
Avoid going in sun ,applying fragrances or having any skin treatments/products for 12 hours after Hair Removal.

Do not keep in open air. Keep in air tight Cellophane Bag after opening (as air disturbs its effectiveness)

Ingredients: Glycerine, Barium Sulphide, Shea Butter, Sun Flower ,Tanakka Powder,Kasumba
Oil, Bees Wax, Castor Oil, Aloevera, Rosehip Extract.