Obesity Essential Oils Bundle (7609123209475)

Obesity Essential Oils Bundle

If you’re trying to lose extra pounds, it's ideal to consider adding essential oils to your weight loss plan. Research Results : In a consumer perception study after 6 weeks...
Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon Cablin) (4492162891873)

Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon Cablin)

Great treating all type of hair. Best for wrinkle/blemish-free skin. BENEFITS: Find a renewed sense of peace as it leads to nights filled with deeper, more restful sleep. Patchouli oil,...
Citronella Essential Oil (4492155027553)

Citronella Essential Oil

Clear Bright Complexion: Gently cleanses, brightens & restores skin. BENEFITS: Balance oil production on the face and scalp, thus benefitting those with oily hair and acne. Promote skin and hair...
Organic Nutmeg Oil (Myristica Fragrans) (4492493815905)

Organic Nutmeg Oil (Myristica Fragrans)

VIRGIN- COLD PRESSED -UNREFINED -100% Natural -Preservative Free -Certified Organic Processing -Extracted from 100% Organic Nutmeg -It is for external use only Nutmeg essential oil benefits your body in ways...