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I had extreme hair fall & my hair got dull due to Chemical & Heat Treatments. Despite using many Internationally Recognized Products for Hair Repair ,nothing worked! After delivering Amal (my daughter) my hair conditioned worsened. One day a friend of mine recommended me to use the Hair Treatment by Hair Energy & the hair game changed miraculously. The Hair Food made my hair grow tremendously & the Whole Blends Shampoo made them super shiny bouncy. Very highly recommended


There are so many people complimenting me daily about the shine & freshness of my eyes.I used to have stressed eyes & dark circles due to lack of sleep & long shooting hours. Since the time I started using Hair Energy’s Dark Circle Serum for my Dark Circles & Lashfood for long eye lashes ,my eyes have never been better. I apply both the serums before sleeping & enjoy fresh bright eyes with long lashes. It give the impression of bigger eyes and healthier mate. Using serum every day help to remove dirt and debris from the lashes.


The Resurfacing Mask & Skin Food does it again!! I cannot believe that such quality products come at such and incredible price! I put it on every night and my face looks so refreshed in the morning. I work the Anti-Frizz Serum thru my hair while damp. Whether I wear my VERY curly hair curly or flat iron it straight, this product works to smooth, defrizz, and smooth. I also add just a tiny bit to the ends while dry, and run my hands over my entire head after adding to the ends, again it smooths and adds just a bit of sheen - awesome product!. 

Sana Fakhar

I'm a big fan of Hair Energy and that's because their products work. I've had a number of treatments done at the salon ranging from adding volume, shine, to general clean. It doesn't take long. The stylist sprays the Anti –Frizz serum on wet hair and the serum seeps through the hair for a few minutes. Normally the hair stylist will massage my head too. During the blow dry, I can immediately see the difference and when I touch my hair, I can immediately feel the difference. Also the hairfood stopped my hairfall despite having multiple chemical treatments


Ayesha Sohaib -the CEO & Co-Founder of Hair Energy started this revolutionary Hair Care Brand in September,2018. Being a Hair Expert & Researcher with a research of over 11 years, her remedies have cured Post Chemo Hair Issues, Hair Issues due to Hormonal Disorders, Stress and so on. Hair Energy Packages Mall. info@hairenergyofficial.com 04232599000 Get to know more by clicking here.