Skin Care

Underarm Whitening Cream Tube 3D (8018169659651)

Underarm Whitening Cream (Actual Price "1265" - After Discount "974")

Underarm Whitening Cream(For Sensitive Areas)Underarm & Private Parts Whitening Cream With Collagen ,Whitening Complex Concealer & Solid Light TextureActive WhitePowerful Antioxdants Energize60gmThis Cream Is Enriched With Whitening & Moisturizing Ingredients...
Whole Blends Skin Food (4099070328929)

Whole Blends Skin Food (Actual Price "2310" - After Discount "1779")

WHOLE BLENDS SKIN FOOD A complete ALL NIGHT CELLULAR REPAIR SYSTEM  that constantly repairs skin cells whole night and engraves skin with required Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Biotin, Collagen & Essential Oils. Visible...
Whole Blends Resurfacing Mask Plus Facial Exfoliant (4099065938017)

Whole Blends Resurfacing Mask Plus Facial Exfoliant (Actual Price "2365" - After Discount "1821")

WHOLE BLENDS RESURFACING MASK PLUS FACIAL EXFOLIANT Whole Blends Resurfacing Mask +Facial Exfoliant is uniquely formulated with Bio Cellulose, Ginseng, Biotin, Collagen, Anti-Oxidants, Skin Vitamins & Herbs- It’s Ayesha’s most worked on...
ORGANIC ROSE WATER (4492488638561)

ORGANIC ROSE WATER (Actual Price "935" - After Discount "720")

(with Aloe & Vit E) Formulated with Rose Water, this facial mist lightly hydrates leaving skin feeling soothed & refreshed. No need to rinse. Suitable for sensitive skin. Directions: Mist...
TAKE MY DAY OFF (4331297144929)

TAKE MY DAY OFF (Actual Price "2035" - After Discount "1567")

WHAT IT IS: Take My Day Off is one of my revolutionary products that I sincerely dedicate to those who wants to remove impurities and make-up one clean jab. It...
MOISTURE BOMB (4331315888225)

MOISTURE BOMB (Actual Price "2035" - After Discount "1567")

DOUBLE REPAIR SUPER INTENSE BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZE WITH SPF 60 It is the mixture of all my SECRET HYDRATION REMEDIES with world class latest techniques involved in formulation . I have incorporated the best skin...
UNDER THE SUN (Whitening Sun Screen) (4331249860705)

UNDER THE SUN (Whitening Sun Screen) (Actual Price "2145" - After Discount "1652")

COMPLEXION BRIGHTENING SUN BLOCK Our best-selling Sunblock Under The Sun provides powerful sun protection you will love to wear it. not only protects from sun but SPECIAL BRIGHTENING/WHITENING INGREDIENTS BRIGHTENS...
STRETCHLESS BEAUTY (4331309695073)

STRETCHLESS BEAUTY (Actual Price "2365" - After Discount "1821")

WHAT IT DOES: Stretch less Beauty Reduces and Prevent Stretch Marks And Scars. With our customized combination of High-quality ingredients, we have formulated a cream that delivers Intense Hydration and...
ZERO OIL (Moisturizer for Oily Skin) (4331286265953)

ZERO OIL (Moisturizer for Oily Skin) (Actual Price "2035" - After Discount "1567")

OIL FREE SUPER MATTE MOISTURIZE WITH SPF 60 It is the mixture of all my SECRET HYDRATION REMEDIES with world-class latest techniques involved in formulation. I have incorporated the best skin Herbs,...


1)Saffron Natural Hand Made SoapFor Fair Glowing SkinTransparent Facial Bar Hand Made with Essential OilsNet wt 85 gms➡️Therapeutic benefits:Enriched with multi-mineral rich content of Saffron, this soap lightens & evens...