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What it does:

Beard Oil excites the follicles (be it dormant ) & enhances growth .Our Beard Oil is specifically formulated for intense thick growth & filling patches of Beard & Moustache.
Whether you have second-day scruff or a full-grown beard, this oil tames your facial hair with its aromatic, earthy blend of fresh sandalwood, cedarwood and eucalyptus essentials oils. Pracaxi oil softens and smoothes coarse facial hair and nourishes the skin underneath, while gentle exfoliating actives soothe.

How to use:

Cleanse your face with an energizing facial wash. Press three shakes of the oil between your palms and rub over your hands and fingers. Brush your hands down the sides of your damp beard along your cheeks. Brush your hands down your chin and neck as well. Finish by using your fingertips to coat the hairs on your mustache. Apply any remaining oil to your hair and scalp. Finish with a comb to smooth and style your beard.


Eucalyptus Extract, Vitamin E, Biotin, Collagen, Cereal Germ Oils & Milk, Ginger Oil, Coconut Oil, Orange Oil, Cedarwoo, Sandalwood,Pracaxi Oil, Frankincense Oil, Anti-Oxidants.

Who it's for:

All skin types.

Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Bilal
Worth Every Penny - Take a minute to read this; you'll be glad you did

Ever since I started growing a beard, I had been using Olive oil mixed with Almond oil at home. I thought that they were decent because I didn't know any better. The issues I had with my beard were that it was wiry, brittle, and I had horrible dandruff - even AFTER continued use of the said oils.

After months of researching different beard products (yes I'm that meticulous), I decided to go with Hair Energy Beard Oil . My initial reasoning was because of their reviews and their ingredients. My only hesitation was that I couldn't determine whether their products could cure my dandruff or not.

I received my package yesterday , and applied the oil the following morning. My beard feels incredibly soft, I notice much less "fly away" or stringy hairs, and guess what?! My dandruff is nearly gone. I did not expect the dandruff to clear in one day, but I also didn't expect this much change in just one application.

To make a long story short:

Cures dandruff
Tames beard
Softens hairs
Smells great (like clove and licorice)
Helps with styling your beard
Worth every penny

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