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Let’s make the face rosy this time.This wonder bucket includes:

Take My Day Off :  It is a Deep Pore Daily Cleanser that has a gentle, effective melt that takes away make-up (even waterproof mascara), and revitalizes your complexion in two minutes. 

Resurfacing Mask & Facial Scrub :A complete FACIAL TREATMENT that works magically on Skin Brightening & Lightening ,De-Tanning/Reviving Sun Damage ,Pigmentation/Two Tone
,Dark Spots & Marks,Melasma/Freckles/Dark Circles,Wrinkles & Fine Lines ,Acne & Fungal Infections ,Open Pores /Skin Uplifting

Instant Glow Facial Scrub: Brilliantly Brightening Face Scrub contains natural salicylic acid from Willow bark bio nutrients to remove dirt, oil and makeup and gently wash away impurities for fresh, clear skin, suitable for even acne prone skin.It is specially made to bring Glow on face & is ideal to be used before make-up.

Organic Rose Water (with Vit E & Aloe ):THE ONLY 100% ORGANIC PINK ROSE WATER IN PAKISTAN THAT IS NOT DILUTED WITH WATER .Organic Rose Water is an excellent Facial Toner which must be applied after washed face & before applying Moisturizer