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  • -100% Natural -Preservative Free
  • -Certified Organic Processing
  • -Extracted from Fresh Sweet Almonds from Spain 

Our 100% Pure Cold pressed and Filtered Oil is. With a mildly sweet and nutty aroma on its own. It can complement any of essential oil blends or single oils for topical aromatherapy.


Skin & Hair: Rich in vitamin E, minerals, and good fats that your skin and hair love to drink, Use 4-6 drops on your face for soft, radiant skin.

Body: Almond Oil is the perfect carrier oil for extra hydration for normal to dry skin.


Moisturizer: Retain Moisture Add 10-12 drops of almond oil to your bath and adds a moisturizing element to your bath

Heal Irritated Skin: Heals irritated, sun burnt and dry skin

Hair Nourishment: Massage 1-2 full droppers into your hair for shiny locks.

Reduce Eye Bags: Use almond oil around eyes to help prevent dark circles and puffiness

Massage Therapy: Use as a carrier oil with your favorite single oil or blend, adding a few drops of the essential oil in the carrier to unlock an array of benefit.

Customer Reviews

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has many uses

I am very happy with this purchase. I've discovered many uses for it. I use this oil on the ends of my hair to take away frizz. I use it as a nighttime face moisturizer. When I apply it all over after a shower the results are amazing. I really like to massage it on my cuticles. A very small amount goes a long way. My doctor recommended massaging almond oil into my scalp because I was losing my hair rapidly, due to an illness I had recently

Excellent with Stretchmarks

I purchased this when I found out I was pregnant to use on my belly for stretch marks. I massage it on my thighs, stomach, and chest every night. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have gained 36 lbs. and so far no stretch marks. I know that there is no miracle cream to prevent stretch marks and they are mostly genetic. My mother has a ton and my sister also has a few. Neither of them used sweet almond oil as a preventative measure. I still have a few more weeks to go before I am in the clear, but I really feel like this oil has helped to keep my belly moisturized and stretch mark-free.
My babe is now 21 months old. I am happy to report that I did not get any stretch marks!