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WHOLE BLENDS HAIR FOOD (200 ml, enough for 2 months use) stops hair fall in 2-4 weeks and growth is visible in 4-6 weeks. It is magical for dandruff, split-ends and also helps in grey hair reversing (which is a slow and gradual process). It is Equally good for chemically...


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(200 ml, enough for 2 months use) stops hair fall in 2-4 weeks and growth is visible in 4-6 weeks. It is magical for dandruff, split-ends and also helps in grey hair reversing (which is a slow and gradual process). It is Equally good for chemically treated and dyed hair.


WHOLE BLENDS HAIR FOOD is blend of 28 essential oils and magical herbs from all over the world, hair vitamins, nutrients and follicles, it is completely herbal and organic, that also means no chemicals at all.

It is a complete diet for your hair.


Massage WHOLE BLENDS HAIR FOOD for 5-10 minutes (Apply it warm) and leave for minimum 4-5 hours (you may also leave it overnight). Before washing hair, take steam with steamed towel for 1 hour and wash as per your regular routine. WHOLE BLENDS HAIR FOOD to be applied 3 times in a week. For best results use Frizzy Palace.



This is the best oil I have ever used, hands down! It's definitely worth it! Works great for those with split ends, frizzy hair and unmanageable hair. Doesn't lave residue and leaves hair strong & bouncy.



I'm a big fan of Hair Energy and that's because their products work. I've had a number of treatments done at the salon ranging from adding volume, shine, to general clean. It doesn't take long. The stylist sprays the Anti –Frizz serum on wet hair and the serum seeps through the hair for a few minutes. Normally the hair stylist will massage my head too. During the blow dry, I can immediately see the difference and when I touch my hair, I can immediately feel the difference. Also the hairfood stopped my hairfall despite having multiple chemical treatments & regular dying . Most amazing hair care range ever !



I like to try out stuff that i had never tried before which sometimes work and sometimes fail and that is how i ended up messing my hair texture and bond using relaxer on my hair at home without prior experience and knowledge. This left me in shock as my long wavy hair were now extremely dry/rough/tangled,there was breakage too, I couldn't even comb my hair. I was searching online for remedy and ended up finding hairfood & whole blends shampoo, I could see and feel the difference immediately, My hair felt healthy,hydrated and i could at-least comb through them. They were not 100% cured but i would say 90% better in 2 weeks.



I always wanted my hair to be thicker, lighter and more shiny again so i tried the hair care regime by Hair Energy.Left Hairfood over night and washed with WholeBlends Shampoo followed by Anti-Frizz Serum. After the blow dry my hair felt like it used to be; heavier in a good way, shiny as hell! and my end were straight and not split all. i could wave it around and it still looked the same!



My hair was brittle and dry due to heat styling, using a blow drier as well as a hair straightener/curling wand that I do on a daily basis. My primary concern however were my split ends as well as the brittle/frizzy texture on the mid lengths of my hair. So you could just imagine how awfully damaged my hair looked with split ends and all from all that constant heat styling! After washing out the hairfood, the difference was noticeably visible even with wet hair; it was softer, smoother and easy to detangle while brushed. My split ends look less split than how they were before and overall my hair looks and feels smoother, shinier and healthier in appearance, which is a definite thumbs up.



wow!! My hair dramatically changed to gorgeousness. I'm in love. The ingredients all sound great and I loved to try Hairfood & Whole Blends Shampoo. I need something to help maintain the natural beauty and also, since I regularly treat my hair I need to make sure to use the best products to nourish and replenish it as well.



I used bleached my hair so many times because i loved vibrant colors like pink, blue, and red! My hair became extremely stringy and it fell out so easily. My hair felt like straw! Every since i started using Hairfood my hair has been thicker, softer, and it helps my frizzy curly hair become wavy and shiny. I definitely recommend this to everyone!The credit to my glowy face absolutely goes to the Resurfacing Mask . I love this because I do see a different in my skin. It’s more vibrant and has a natural glow to it.



I was amazed. There are no words. My super fine hair looks visibly thicker and is now super healthy. My hair used to tangle within ten minutes of brushing and when I was up in the morning its a mess. When I woke up today, not a single knot. NOT ONE! This is beyond amazing. My hair has never looked or felt this good. I am so blown away by how good my hair feels now.I apply hairfood 3 times a week,wash with WholeBlends shampoo followed by Anti-Frizz serum & VOILA !



The Hairfood 7 shampoo turned my dry fine hair into visibly thicker healthier supermodel hair. I have never been happy with how my hair looks until now. I actually cried I was so happy. And seriously I never cry. My before and after photos show how damaged and fine my hair was and now it's super healthy and thicker. I am definitely going back to get this treatment with regular cuts. Thanks so much!!!



I’m obsessed with all things from this brand. The skincare line is incredible and has helped my skin so much. I use their products day and night and it’s love. So many options, none of the nonsense, and a great price.Hands down to their hairfood & shampoo.Loving my bouncy ,shiny,strong hair.



I have psoriasis and a somewhat oily scalp, so I use this product as a complete treatment and it is fabulous. I usually don't splurge on haircare, but my wife let my try it and I will definitely be buying it now. It is great for the split ends and I use it overnight.Right after I get out of the shower I apply serum that keeps my hair super sleek. There's definitely a noticeable difference with shine and it makes your hair much easier to comb through and style.



After 2 weeks use of hairfood, I could clearly see the improvement. My hair was far softer and smoother- particularly on the ends which are more than in need of a chop. For me the biggest area of improvement was the little whispy baby hairs and broken strands that I have, they are sitting down much more nicely and are not really noticeable after the treatment. I will be really I retested to see how it helps with managing it when I travel to Thailand in the next week, the hairdresser said it should make a noticeable difference in the humidity and ocean water.

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